Photography is catching one moment in time that will neve

Photography is catching a moment in time, never to be exactly repeated. I started with landscapes, then dogs, sports, maternity, weddings, families, then styling shoots for other photographers & models. I discovered what I loved was chasing the artistry that is captured in a photo. Catching something so unique becomes addicting. You realize, in a shoot, that nothing is predictable,  anxiety goes up, and then this adrenaline rush sets in. I read, if you aren't a little frightened, in your life regularly, then you are not pushing yourself. 

 Being a female photographer, I understand how important it is for women to feel empowered with themselves - sexy, alluring, playful, glamorous creative - ALIVE!  I love making women into  masterpieces ! Works of art! Photography is my medium from which to reach inside, and pull that uniqueness out. I feel very fortunate to identify with my female clients shooting artistic boudoir. It's the gift of trust they have given to me, and framing, with beauty, moments that otherwise might slip away, is the gift I give back to them.


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